Turn heads with your Eyes (Total eye makeup, Go go once) !


♦  Proper Eye makeup is something that can turn any worst day to the best , just a stroke of your eye liner or kajal, or Total eye makeup can set everything straight , so I thought of sharing some of the trending eye makeup styles for this festive season , which would surely help you making heads turn to just look at you twice .

♦ The Difference between the Three :

☻Kajal eyeliner – is mainly made with a combination of natural ingredients and soot. It is organic in nature, making it soothing for the eye; it also helps protect eyes from infections.

☻Kohl pencils – are typically made from powders, pigments and waxes. They have the smooth glide of kajal, but they are not as messy.

☻Eyeliner -can be found in liquid, gel or pencil form, and can be harsher on the eyes compared to kajal since it is not generally made from organic ingredients. It doesn’t have as soft a texture compared to kohl and kajal, or that silky finish.

 An intensely black kohl pencil like Maybelline Colossal Kajal is perfect for a little bit of fuss-free magic in our daily lives. If you like to line your upper lids often, then a gel liner is great for a smudge-free line that isn’t too thick. We like the MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner.


♦ How to apply kajal ?

When using a kajal pencil, always start from the outer corner working inwards. Make sure to take short strokes & don’t shy away from pressing the pencil on the waterline. You are not going to hurt yourself while doing this 🙂 Kajal pencils are made keeping in mind the area that it needs to be used in & hence they are creamy & soft.

If you feel that even after doing this your kajal still smudges, apply a little bit of brown or black eye shadow just below the waterline, with even strokes, again beginning from the outside & stopping till 3/4th of the eye. The powder of the eye shadow will stick on to the creamy texture of the kajal & would not allow the kajal to budge from its place. Leave the inner corner bare or apply a light shimmery shade to make the eyes pop.


♦ How to put your eye liner?

Pose to put on the eyeliner. The easiest application happens when you tilt your head back and use your non-drawing hand to stretch the skin on the outside of your eye a bit. Raise your eyebrows so that your eyelid does not block your lash line at all. It may also be helpful to rest your elbow on a table or countertop to keep your hand steady.

2 Create a dotted line along your lashes. Use your eyeliner to create a small dotted line directly above your lashes on your upper eyelid. Make sure that the dots are as close to the base of your eyelid as possible; the point of eyeliner is to give the illusion of full eyelashes, which you can only do if the eyeliner is near the lashes.

Connect the dots. Draw a line using short, brief strokes to connect all of the dots. Instead of drawing one continuous line, use the shorter lines to help create an even, non-bumpy line. You should begin drawing at the inside corner of your eye and end at the outer corner.

Finish the line. Make sure that each of the dots has been connected, and that the ends of the line taper slightly instead of ending in a blunt, rounded dot .

Mascara Brands& their prices –

  • Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (Price: Rs 350)

Maybelline-Colossal mascara

  • Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara (Price: Rs 300)


  • Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara (Price: Rs 329)


  • L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Price: Rs 795)


  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Price: Rs 795)


  • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara (Price: Rs 700)


  • Lotus Herbals Max lash Botanical Mascara (Price: Rs 245)Lotus-Herbals-Maxlash 

Top 4 eye makeup tutorials for an ultimate festive look

This Diwali, learn how to sport 4 amazing eye makeup looks. Just go through these video tutorials for a sexy festive look!

1. Cut Crease Eye Makeup:

 ‘Cut Crease’ is all about applying eye shadow by drawing a sharp, well-defined line just above the crease. The idea is that this line should appear to be cutting (more like creating) a separation between the actual lid and the upper eye area and then blending that line outward towards the eyebrow. Ideal for those with small eyes, as this technique can make the eyes look much bigger! This look can be amazingly sported with a traditional as well as an Indo-western outfit this Diwali.


2. Neutral Eyes Lined with Teal:

If you aren’t too much into colors, especially bright colors, then here is a look for you. It is a bit quirky though because teal as a color maybe trending a lot these days, but not all are as experimental. This eye makeup look is bound to go well with outfits in greens and blues. Extremely festive and since the look is all about neutrals, therefore, it is recommended that you use flesh toned glossy lipstick for an overall sexy look!


3. Colorful and Bold Eye Makeup Look:

And in case you aren’t much of a one color person, instead, you love colors, bold pouts and everything in between, then. This festive season, flaunt colors and take your look to another level altogether. Team it up with a vibrant silk saree or just an overall black outfit. A colorful nail will go extremely well with the overall look. There are a couple of things to remember here though. This eye makeup look can be incomplete without false lashes. If you hate the idea of false lashes, just add a lot of volume by curling them with the mascara.

bold 3

4. Intense Smokey Eye Makeup Look:

We are all in love with smoke eyes? But getting the look right is always an issue. Now, no sweat! Wearing a Smokey look isn’t all that tough anymore. Sport the intense Smokey look for daytime Diwali festivities as well as cards party scheduled for the night. However, there is a piece of advice here. Never team up your Smokey eyes with a red, hot pink or bright lipstick. Go for nude, natural shades instead.

Intense smoky eyes

♦ Halloween look ! ( Specially for this season )

Halloween look

How to remove eye make up?

♣ Use baby shampoo – Think it’s just for bathing little ones? The “tear free” baby shampoo is a great way to remove mascara (even waterproof), eye shadow and eyeliner. Eye makeup removers can get pretty pricey (especially if you wear eye makeup frequently), so this is an affordable and a pain-free way to remove makeup. Without the burning!

♣ Eye makeup remover – You can go for expensive makeup removers from top brands such as , Mac , Lakme , Neutrogena and bla bla . . .

How to take care of your makeup products ?

1 Care for your makeup. Poorly maintained eye makeup can harbor bacteria and fungi. If shared, it may also be a source of transferring viruses and other infections. Good care for your eye makeup includes:

  • Keep all brushes and applicators cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Replace eye makeup that hasn’t been used every three to six months.
  • Avoid trying to make eye makeup go further by the addition of other substances––you risk creating unknown reactions, such as allergies or rashes.
  • Close make-up containers tightly after using them each day. This keeps the product in a good, safe condition for a longer period of time.
  • Keep eyeliner pencils sharp; this helps to avoid digging into or scratching at your eyes.[1]

2 Store your eye cosmetics with a view to preventing spoilage. Store in a cool, dry Dark place away from direct sunlight. Keep your cosmetics away from extreme heat or cold, as these extremes tend to break down the preservatives and can speed up bacterial growth. Keep eye cosmetics out of your hot steamy bathroom and other humid areas––the damp heat breaks down the preservatives and the moisture provides a happy place for bacteria to live.

3 Replace brushes and sponges regularly. It is recommended that you replace these items every two to three months. This vigilance will help to thwart the spread of infections like ringworm, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and sties.

4 Avoid sharing any eye makeup with other users. You can never be sure what infections might be transferred this way––the person sharing with you may not even be aware that she or he has an infection. It is not an indication of lacking trust––it’s common sense and good precaution.







Last but not the least , Remove eye makeup every night before going to sleep. Never sleep with eye makeup on, regardless of what the movie actors seem to do!


I hope all my girls loved this blogpost , and please do not forget to let me know about your recommendations over what all other topics you want me to blog on , in the comment section down here , or via email id – debaleena12@gmail.com


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6 thoughts on “Turn heads with your Eyes (Total eye makeup, Go go once) !

  1. Before commenting over main subject would lyk to start from the beginning ….the layout is superb …d way u hav expressed it is perfect ….as being an ITian I luved it …so cumng back to ur topic..its cool n interesting …we hav many adds on tv for such products but no1 tell the techniques …for that sake I think this blog is one of a helping hand …I myself for sure compliments those techniques… NYC wrk deblina !!


  2. Before commenting over main subject would lyk to start from the beginning ….the layout is superb …d way u hav expressed it is perfect ….as being an ITian I luved it …so cumng back to ur topic..its cool n interesting …we hav many adds on tv for such products but no1 tell the techniques …for that sake I think this blog is one of a helping hand …I myself for sure compliments those techniques… NYC wrk deblina !!👍👍


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