Healthy Goodbye to 2015


Hello everyone,

I know 31st night is most awaited among each and every one of us, we are quiet eager to visit 2016 as soon as possible but are you totally prepared to visit the session, with some new vision? Or you still having some grudge some disparities with people around you? Or maybe some mistakes?

We still got some 72 hours in this year left, before we give a goodbye kiss to 2015, And warm hug to 2016!

Well I know we all have already celebrated Thanks giving session in the name of that eve but were that just an act towards a day to celebrate thanks giving to each and everyone those who made your year beautiful or happy or you genuinely did it? If you genuinely did it then it’s great, if not then you must go forward up to each and every individual to thank their presence in your year to make it better.

After you are done with this, make sure you clear your pending disputes and issues with XYZ person and give them a loving hug and say them you taught me something, even if they did nothing good for you, even if you think you no longer share that bonding like their existence say them β€œ Thank you” too, I know this sounds sarcastic for a moment but then you will feel good, maybe the things which went wrong in between you and your friend, or your family member or with someone special can take a good turn, maybe things between might not improve at the moment but it would surely give you much positive feeling with no grudges for anyone and all of sudden you will Β feel as if you are surrounded with major positivity .

Let nothing get stagnant within your mind and soul, let go things as appreciable as we let new things come in.

After that complete all your pending work as soon as possible, you are going to start a β€œNEW YEAR” make sure nothing filthy gets over it.

Rest all the Good wishes for 2016 to each and every individual reading my blog, Celebrate happiness, Togetherness& caring nature with all your near and dear once.

Do not mind sharing your views about my blog post or any recommendations by commenting below and share this post if you like it within your circle.

Lots of love, XOXO


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4 thoughts on “Healthy Goodbye to 2015

  1. A very happy new year to u too β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ’—
    Its actually a cool idea to end any pending disputes……this will for sure make the next year better βœŒπŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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