Do’s & Don’ts this valentines day !



Hello everyone,

I know since valentine day is so close and all of us wants to shower some extra affection towards our loved once and make them feel little more special or take  the prior one week of valentine’s day as an opportunity to make out crush realize how special they are to us, so today’s blog goes for both of my viewers, both male and female .

Do’s –

  • Before the valentine week starts, try sending them some symptoms about your feelings so that they don’t get a shock all of a sudden creating a awkward situation.
  • Greet them with smile and hug or a handshake instead of that “bitch mood “ ( specially girls) keep aside your attitude and ego aside for a time being(Show them you are approachable)
  • Create excuses and situations to spend time together, so that you both start knowing each other properly before getting into any commitments.


[Major turn on or off deciding factor – Dress well, smell good (Do not overdo)]




  • Don’t pull friends group in your plans; Make your plans at the same time execute them by your self-efforts only!
  • Don’t plan big things if you aren’t getting positive feedback from the other end.
  • Last but not the least, If all your efforts towards them don’t work, then don’t try harder ending on imposing your self-emotions over them badly and don’t ruin your friendship with them, give it an easy go, you don’t want him/her leading to hate you back for what you did by overdoing things,


There are too many fishes in the sea, try for a new

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Lots of love, XOXO


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5 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’ts this valentines day !

  1. Helpful for those who are working hard to get their respective desires 😊😊 !! This will definately boost them up!! Also helpful to d one who are already mingled ..lets c how this valentine goes !! Wish luck to u too get a gud one !!

    Liked by 1 person

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