Happy International Women’s day!

Womens day!.png

March 8, 2016

“Being a woman is a pride, let’s flaunt it”

If you are a msn reading this article the you must understand the meaning of this beautiful word “woman” in your life , She is your origin & moreover this, something that makes every woman supernatural is that prefix we got to the word men “Wo”;

We pronounce every supernatural character with some prefix, like for example; Superman, Batman etc.

Being a woman if you are reading this article then its important aspect you must realize should be, being called delicate and fragile is no more your stopping stone instead starting key at proving that, this words are mere words which doesn’t describes us as a whole, Behind every delicate heart there stands a strong women who has the power to change the world;

Breaking those typical stereotypes and making our impact in almost every field is what we need to get defined all about.

Instead of creating Barriers among us based on caste or race we need to empower each other and turn our weaknesses onto strength;

Being efficient and effortless at every task given is how are known to world;

“If we say behind every Successful man there lies the women at the back who’s efforts create him, then it’s a duty to bring her beside & walk the path of success empowering each other “

Respect a woman,

Share this post in your male or female circle and empower your mother, sister ,aunt , Girlfriend/wife ;


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Stay confident, Be you!

Lots of love, XOXO


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