5 Must have footwear and Haul!

5 Must have footwear and Haul !

Hello pretty souls,

how are you doing? I am doing great,
So today I am gonna share my HUGE! footwear haul and review them for you all ,
I recently purchased all these footwear and trust me I feel like everyone out their must own them, or if not the same then once from similar types in their footwear closet.

Types of footwear
2)Bondage boot (kind of)
4)Ankel boots
5)Jelly or Ballerina
All these footwear are black in colour and look extremely Elegant classy yet doesn’t lose its sass.

  1. Stiletto
    I bought this stiletto from ZARA , this would cost you INR 2890
    They are must have for everyone, they are one type of footwear you can wear for office as well as for party. So incase if you have to catch up for party after your work you are good to go with these heels, they are totally shows topper and would steal everyone’s attention being super sleek and elegant with its simplicity yet would call for its class.
  2. IMG_2404

2)  Bondage boot
I think so that is what it is called, I got this from “lifestyle” from Brand “CODE” this costed me INR 1100 (This I got on huge discount price and I bought them on sale)
So if you are planning for pretty cute LBD or LRD I think this is perfect for the look, you can also wear them with long shirt dress or cute floral print one piece dress too.

3) Clogs
I bought this beautiful clogs from FOREVER21 and They would cost INR 2300
If you love your ankle and would love to flaunt them I think this is a must have, and this could be paired with formals and casuals too.

4) Ankel boots
I got these classy amazing beautiful angel boots from FOREVER21 and they would cost INR 2300
They are favourites of all time, Now in Mumbai we can not wear those knee length beautiful boots neither thigh high boots because we have 25 – 33 degree celsius temperature all round the year on an average. But our wish to wear boots can be fulfilled by these ankle length boots.

5) Ballerina
This cinderella type beautiful ballerinas are from FOREVER21 and They would cost you INR 899
They are casual black belly and the most comfortable type of footwear, I think this is must have for everyone because this is one footwear type for formal wear as well as for cute dresses too.

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Love you all, Stay happy and keep on spreading Positive vibes,
goodbye and see you all in my next blog 🙂
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