Hello pretty souls,

Myself Debaleena a 19 year teen
but more than my name my tanned skin has been questioned from the day I came into existence, and this bothered me ever since I got the sense of how this world Questions your skin colour for you and not the other way out, Every one just kept on saying that you got amazing features being tanned skin or hey! you are beauty being dark, *HELL NO!!! MY BEAUTY IS BEING COMFORTABLE ENOUGH IN MY SKIN EVEN WITH THE FACT THAT I  BELONG FROM COUNTRY INDIA*
NO I ain’t shaming my country for that, neither anyone else, its just a mind set in our country that being tanned or dark is UGLY and being fair is a symbol of Beauty.

It’s literally shameful how people discriminate tanned skin unlike mine, Its not just the story of me but crores of others too,
Even Men those are self darker than me too thinks female from fair skin colour type more attractive, But what if I say your mindset is not my concern, and you can not make thousands and lakhs and crores of women feel disgusting about themselves for just being dark skin “Because I am more than my skin Colour “

I still remember those days at School annual Functions where even though I was said I sang or danced better but was never kept in the middle or front line and that fair skin coloured girl was having privilege to stand in the front just because our teachers and others thought that when photographer would click pictures for Annual School magazine that fair skin girl would look good and would bring more prestige, Shame !!! shame on such Mentality ! *HIT ONE*

You might be called “KALI”” African “ or “ negro “ and what not (which they mean to call you is BLACK in HINDI , *With all due respect to African beautiful women those symbolises eternity and strength in their beauty” ) You might return back home and curse yourself for being dark and not being Fair, fair enough to stand the category or standard of beauty, this might make a huge difference to someone and so might your so called fun might effect them as your opinion might mean way too much ! and hurt them for them being who they are, she ain’t diseased neither having any clinical issue, they why create a barrier for them for nothing ?

You might even be called to wear some fairness products to look bright and fairer, god! and what maybe not! These fairness cream market in India and many parts of world has huge turnover rates and trust me if we “women” across would start accepting ourselves for however we are, market for such products would shut to nothing, any how no offense for the people those want to use them, but don’t use them because some one said that you don’t owe your skin at least .

I can still see a look at people’s face while I walk downtown or in the city road or pass by market or malls , They have a look in their face that OMG she is dark but wait a second! she still looks human and looks better how? ***Sarcastically***

Everyone of you are more than just your skin colour and your skin colour embilishes your individuality rather you be fair, tan or dark your beauty has no bound to simply your skin colour but also being self acceptable and believing that you being however can self cater  this is world with your talent .

It’s funny how western world uses Tanning rooms as to tan their “oh so fair skin” and on the other half we are still stuck to such small mentality .

Well I respect each and every reader reading this blog post irrespective of the fact over which race, caste or creed they belong too, I respect people for being good human, for having pretty soul and for being a kind person not those who would still react with negativity and behave insane !

Today I am happy and doesn’t feel victimised in the taboo that this world has to give me, Because I am more than my skin and I believe in my self for being comfortable enough wearing my skin not as a disguise to me, But as gift !

I just had to say stop shaming black/tanned women for being who they are, if you cant praise someone and make them happy, then you have no rights to insult them and make them miserable for them being who they are .

Thank you for reading my blog post, If you like this post and want to help awakening the society against this to stop shaming women for their skin colour then do share this post among your circle.

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  1. Hi Debaleena, There are people who appreciate your work, than your look. So concentrate on the best job that you will be looked high above.
    Never feel so low about the color, feel wht good things you can give to the world, and get appreciation from the work.
    Keep up your profile high by the good things you have in you. Look up for it and am sure you will be in everyone’s eyes on you.

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