What Next?


What next ?
You donโ€™t need a block buster story to make your fortune run,
Your failure and probably that only stage turnover would inspire rest and all,
Ever heard any success story, which didnโ€™t have one failure story to back with ?
Everyone we see achieving, had to start somewhere and somehow;
So the time you are going through is your making time, and it all started from your breaking time.
Stop blaming everyone for ruining the path you tried to follow, Stop blaming yourself too!
It’s high time to sit Ideal cursing over your past mistakes than to make your next success story headline bling over billboards !
I know you have seen a lot, and so you fear making your next step thinking about that hurdle shunning you down;
But what is the worth of that success which comes with nothing more than a hurdle list down ?
You lost what you had, now whatever happens is just going to add;
So stop overthinking over your moves and make a fortune on your own .
Yes, next is better than your current best;
All you got to do is believe in yourself !



(Hello everyone, I donโ€™t know over what you are going through, but would be highly obliged if this piece of words could inspire even few of you, believing in yourself is the key to your success, you donโ€™t need supporters to make you feel okay.)
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