Beauty comes in all Shape and Size.





In this world were we expect one to be beautiful only when they are fair, petite, and what not .
We indeed lead to body shaming too often, if one doesn’t meet this standard of “OH so Ideal” illusionary body type, We end our self either saying, You are too pretty being dark or you have a good face, you just need to reduce some weight !
You could become model if you were tall etc etc to those we find beautiful ;
We try to find flaws in other’s beauty to hide our ugly state of mind ,
No wonder, no one is perfect , not even the one putting offensive comment based on the other !
Grow up ! & Stop this Mockery !
You don’t need anyone to approve your beauty to feel confident
Apparently this market which claims to either make you fair, petite or help you increase your height are all fool making & money minting companies ,flooding with extreme fairness products, fat burning belts/ pills & height increasing pills etc
I won’t deny about those products claims for their success, but instead of making the crowd believe the existence of beauty in a particular type, and making everyone els feel ugly is offensive !
One body type cannot be classified as attractive or unattractive because all women are beautiful in either or the other way.
Beauty is not about just external beauty, its also about the inner beauty (ie; nature and intelligence )of the person,

It’s sad how thousands of people are starving to turn thin and thousands of people apply ton’s for products just to turn fair!

You can use whatever you feel like, but remember one thing, that ain’t the only thing that could make you look good and that, you are capable and pretty just like the way you are 🙂
However narrowing the gravity of this term by the society towards each other is absolutely disappointing, But you could be the one for yourself to not let anyone’s opinion effect your existence !
Because we all are beautiful , and beauty comes in all shape, race and size !



(Hello everyone, I don’t know over what you are going through, but would be highly obliged if this piece could inspire even few of you, believing in yourself is the key to your success, you don’t need supports to make you feel okay.)
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One thought on “Beauty comes in all Shape and Size.

  1. Heyy hii smarty. Ur blog is just power❤. Ur words are so much inspiring and makes the person reading it to think of them. Miss beautiful ur power. Miss ebchantress

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