How to focus on What’s Important ?

How to focus on What’s Important ?

  1. Figure out the point of your distraction.
    Yes you need to figure out the reason for which you are getting deviated from your work and ambition.
  2.  Cut out that distraction.
    You need to realise and choose between either your distraction and your ambition .
  3.  List down things to do!
    list down tasks to get done , and put your 100%b efforts towards it.
  4. Cut short your list based on what’s the need of this hour for you (ie priority at the moment)
    You need to focus on what is needed to be done for now, if both the things are important ; still choose one, because that is how you could achieve what you want, major reason why you are reading this !
  5. Segregate your list into two parts a) Things to accomplish now. b) Efforts need to be made for the next.
    So you have 10 tasks to accomplish in your list , check out for which needs your focus immediately and what could be seen some time later,
    for e.g. You got 2 assignments or projects , You should work on the once having its deadline nearest and then for the once that still has time ;
    But don’t misguide yourself on hanging over of doing that task later and wait to start till that project’s deadline arrives, that is wrong !
  6. Get organised .
    Yes you need to organise , by that I don’t just mean clearing your desk and files on materialistic platform but also organising a plan in your mind on how tasks are supposed to be performed .
  7. Stop multitasking .
    Concentrate on accomplishing one task at a time, with a view of reaching the next at the completion of this particular task, if delayed would delay you for the next task as well !
    This would create a pressure in a positive way and let you accomplish your tasks at the same time .
  8. Believe and preach for positive thoughts only.
    Believe in yourself at being capable at achieving whatever challenge you are been given and be positive about its performance as well.
  9. Instead of procrastination just work !
    Don’t just make plans Execute them, because efforts are the key to any achievements !
  10. Stay Happy and believe in your self !
    Yes , last but never the least , Always work staying happy and believe in your self,
    Because you can move any mountain on your path, all that it needs is yourself to believe in yourself before anyone else !

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