Hello pretty souls,

When was the last time somebody appreciated or complimented you ?

and When was your last time you appreciated or complimented someone ?

Its been considered too cliche if someone compliments you as he/she is trying to get your mood just right in order for self gain, But at-lest that doesn’t hurts unlike the other way around .

But little do you realise that some good words could impact your mood for the day,

Just as you feel devastated when someone criticise you, or insults you .

Think how you can make someone’s day just as how someone else holds the capacity to make yours .

In all social media platforms I see people write negative comments sitting just well in their own comfort, making other feel negative about themselves, their work or about their personal life and their choices,

You hold no right to make someone upset if you can’t make them Happy,

Next time you go through someone’s social media platform, or meet some one,

Just do not forget to say how important there presence is in your life of that individual, how they are positive impact for you, how much you love them, how much they mean to you, how amazing they look, how much you love their company around, or how much you love to see them doing better .

Some Nobel man said, What goes around comes around,

So your actions towards your near & dear or in your surrounding is what would reflect back on you.

Don’t remain oblivious about your impact towards the society being sensible & Empathetic.

Be happy spread that vibe.!

#inspire #believe #motivate #appreciate

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