Depression is considered to be major issue of all time, you kill yourself internally by overthinking ,

Mental illness is more common in countries where there are low levels of support, trust, and cooperation, and excessive levels of competition or the struggle to maintain your position in the society.

You feel its end of something you expected not to, you feel everything being over, you feel suffocated deep down in your heart, you feel like nothing is going to get back to normal again and that everything is devastated now, you don’t feel like living anymore, You want to get done with things for now, you no longer wish to continue your daily schedule, You are no longer able to concentrate on your everyday life anymore, you feel like giving up on everything, life comes to standstill, you have no ray of hope,

Eventually, every compliment, every opportunity, every good thing in life you will feel overshadowed by this perceived image of your self being worthless and that leads you to self destruction, miserably.

Hey.! you, you need to understand that whatever went of, was not supposed to be in your life anymore, you need to walk down the aisle, Smile often even if you think you have no reason to, your life is connected to more number of people than you think, Get up and dress up, Do some art, paint random abstract, sing in the shower aloud, dance in front of your dresser or mirror, engage yourself into certain activity, join some classes, meet new people, try to make conversations with people, exchange contacts, make new friends, Concentrate in your health, hit on gym, Click good pictures of people, nature, object etc, find the reason for there existence, Find your niche of interest, prosper more, by now you will be finding a route way back to life, and voila . . . . . .

You are back to the life you never thought you would get back to,

I know above mentioned things won’t be that easy for you to deal with, but hey! you hold the capacity to engage your mind into something you want, It’s up to you if you feel like engaging your mind into something productive or to let it get drowned away into something which would lead you no where but into the dark world where you would get lost to nowhere,

“Empty mind is devil’s workshop” so engage your mind into something, before demons take over them.

Keep smiling, spread that vibe, You are worth every good think this world had to offer, remember that.

Disclaimer- Author is neither an  psychologist, nor any expertise in this field or profession, this blog post is completely self opinionated, encouraging people for self motivation is the only agenda of this author.

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