Today I am feeling better.

It no longer hurts her, No longer does she feel suffocated, No longer does she check your private Instagram profile and wonder, No longer does she check their old conversation or photos, No longer does she seeks for your acceptance anymore, But sometimes, sometimes she wishes things could have had better ending, And maybe this is not our ending, Maybe this is a path we … Continue reading Today I am feeling better.

Horra Luxury

Spring/Summer ’19 Horra is a luxury fashion brand for youth, It redefines the real concept of luxury through premium and elite fashion accessories at affordable pricing. They believe that luxury has nothing to do with price tag, But about your experience , with its speciality regarding the luxurious crafted and well curated items. Brands strive to be equated to a feeling that goes beyond the … Continue reading Horra Luxury

How to establish your successful blog career in 10 simple steps !

Create your niche of interest ! Start a blog website ! Create Your social media profiles on different platforms . Start posting regularly on your social media platforms . Make or create your audience . Be consistent ! Make sure you put out Quality > Quantity. Keep hustling and Put efforts ! Don’t get demotivated, Good things take time. Be you, maintain your uniqueness in … Continue reading How to establish your successful blog career in 10 simple steps !

Formal Edit

Well being in professional world its extremely important to look chic yet stylish at the same time, Because the first impression or mark that we make on others are always via our appearance – I have uploaded 3 sessions of me dressing up formally for different occasions are mentioned below – Tap on these images to get redirected to formal outfit sessions.       Continue reading Formal Edit


Depression is considered to be major issue of all time, you kill yourself internally by overthinking , Mental illness is more common in countries where there are low levels of support, trust, and cooperation, and excessive levels of competition or the struggle to maintain your position in the society. You feel its end of something you expected not to, you feel everything being over, you feel suffocated … Continue reading Depression


Hello pretty souls, When was the last time somebody appreciated or complimented you ? and When was your last time you appreciated or complimented someone ? Its been considered too cliche if someone compliments you as he/she is trying to get your mood just right in order for self gain, But at-lest that doesn’t hurts unlike the other way around . But little do you … Continue reading Appreciate

Things Great leaders do !

Things Great leaders do ! * They are confident without looking more Arrogant . Yes they are confident about their works and about themselves , but never arrogant about it. * Stay positive but remaining extremely realistic . They are extremely positive about their work achieving their desired goals but never folding blind folds over their eyes by giving false hopes. * Strong without being … Continue reading Things Great leaders do !

How to focus on What’s Important ?

How to focus on What’s Important ? Figure out the point of your distraction. Yes you need to figure out the reason for which you are getting deviated from your work and ambition.  Cut out that distraction. You need to realise and choose between either your distraction and your ambition .  List down things to do! list down tasks to get done , and put … Continue reading How to focus on What’s Important ?