Zara Perfumes Review (July 2017)

Zara Perfumes Review.



Hello pretty souls,
how are you doing? I am doing great,
So today I am gonna share my reviews regarding Zara perfumes ,
I recently purchased all these bottles and just loved how floral and fruity they smelled,
they smell like shiny enthusiastic summer days, while you wear them in your skin.
Detailed review regarding the 3 perfume flavours& names are as follows
A) AppleJuice
B) Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milano
C) Zara women Gold



  1. Apple juice by Zara is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This  fragrance of Apple juice was launched in 2012.
    Top notes are apple and grapefruit; middle note is rose; base note is musk.
    Main Accords-Citrus, fruity, musky, rose

Zara Apple Juice is a mild scent which does not hit your nostrils but is subtle and apt to cheer up your mood. Refreshing and mildly strong to rejuvenate, it does have that effect. It’s nor floral or fruity neither musky but it somewhere between musky and fruity, and subtle.
The staying power of this perfume, EDT’s tend to have a less of staying power, but I have witnessed a fragrance which lingers through the whole day. It’s light though but it’s noticeable, as I stated above too that EDT tends to stay less so it scores a point over there.


2. 11 Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milano by Zara is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. 11 Corso Vittorio Emanuele Milano was launched in 2013.
Top note is apple; middle notes are peony, Brazilian orange and violet; base note is sandalwood.

This is a very sweet, good girl kind of scent. Smells nice, and clean… but it is not a sophisticated fragrance. I can totally see my self wearing it at a picnic or in a sunny day with a white dress. It’s a nice scent for this summer, you will glow. Not a memorable fragrance, but again its very very sweet.
I am not sure if you could find the bigger bottle, but this travel size is perfectly handy .

3. Zara Woman Gold 2014 by Zara is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Zara Woman Gold 2014 was launched in 2014.

The fragrance features top note caramel, big strawberry, vanilla and musk.

This smells to me very musky, although not the cheap musk from a lot of cheap fragrance, this one actually smells expensive and grown up.
It smells more of maturity and doesn’t smells young, so I would recommend this perfume only if you love to smell such mature, classy and not just sassy , yet elegant at the same time .I haven’t tried Lady Million, so I don’t know if this is a dupe or not but many bloggers online says it is.

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(One draw back for these perfumes are that they don’t stay for longer period as they belong to Eau de toilette,
Eau de toilette. Sometimes used to describe the same concentration as cologne, eau de toilette can contain up to around 10% aromatic essence. The top notes – the first scent released by a perfume – are dominant, making it refreshing when it is applied, and it evaporates and fades away quite quickly. Eau de toilette and cologne are the most popular forms in which fragrance is sold, and are particularly appropriate for the summer,
Eau de Parfume lasts longer then Eau de toilette)


You can find these flavours of perfume on their store also online on their site.

If you guys want me to explain the difference between
Eau de Cologne,Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum and perfume let me know in the comments down below, you can give me your suggestions regarding this blog post also on my email id – , also comment on my Instagram post I’ll appreciate that 🙂


Love you all, Stay happy and keep on spreading Positive vibes,
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